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NETHERLANDS - Gustav Adolph Purf?rst and Maria Van Vulpen </p>
NETHERLANDS - Gustav Adolph Purf?rst and Maria Van Vulpen

a.k.a. - Gustav Purf?rst........................ Nijmegen, Netherlands

Major allied families include...... STREUNISSEN, VAN DURREN, VAN WIJTJE, VAN VULPEN.

Z8b. Schleiz, Germany.
Z8b. Schleiz, Germany.
Ancestral Purf?rst Families in the German Village of Schleiz.

Major allied families include...GR?BER, H?FER, K?GLER, K?RNER, M?LLER, OSPRECHT, PUFF, VAN DUUREN, WUNDER.

See History of the following locations for information on Purf?rst Family members who emigrated from this village.

- Hawaii

- The Netherlands

The connection has not yet been made but it is believed that ancestors for the Purf?rst Family members outlined in the New York City History, who initially lived in London, England, emigrated from this village.

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