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Joseph Hatfield

Male 1790 -

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Margaret Hatfield
Isaac Hatfield
Elizabeth Hatfield
George Gordon Hatfield
Male 1875-1910
Joseph Campbell Hatfield
Male 1878-1964
Ellen Sarah Bean
Female 1883-1966
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Grace Iona Hatfield
Female 1880-1944
Loren J. Johnson
Male 1866-1935
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Olive R. Hatfield
Female 1893-1966
Harold G. Lewis
Male 1899-1969
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Joseph Donaldson Hatfield
Male 1849-1920
Margarite Campbell
Female 1847-1926
Ruth M. Hatfield
Female 1887-
Charles H. Hatfield
Male 1850-1932
Kittie Owings
Sara Brown
Female 1853-1935
Mabel Roxanna Hatfield
Female 1880-1967
John Edward McLean, Jr.
Male 1863-1933
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Fernley 'Fern' O. Hatfield
Male 1881-1958
Ella Day
Female 1895-1983
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Frank R. Hatfield
Male 1883-1942
Tensie Blomgren
Harold 'Harry' S. Hatfield
Male 1885-1918
Jessie Marshall Hatfield
Male 1888-1955
Mabel Allen
Female 1890-1972
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Lucy Victoria Hatfield
Female 1890-1964
Porter Charles Mandell
Male 1891-1960
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Archibald 'Archie' Roland Hatfield
Male 1893-1950
Cora Lucier
New chart
Samuel Rutherford Hatfield
Male 1852-1921
Durthina McCargar
Female 1857-1938
Mary E. Hatfield
Female 1854-1885
D. M. Teague
Martha Adelaide Hatfield
Female 1855-1931
Ephriam Ellzey
Robert Marshall Hatfield, Jr
Male Abt 1858-1885
Ellen Kirk
Female 1859-1946
Myrtle A. Hatfield
Female 1888-
Hazel J. Hatfield
Female 1891-
Wilatta B. Hatfield
Female 1895-
David Willis Hatfield
Male 1859-
Margaret Anna Jelly
Female 1864-1935
Robert Hatfield
Male 1821-1901
Nancy Stuart
Female 1830-1873
Phoebe Sayers
Female 1821-1926
Rebecca Hatfield
Mary Hatfield
John Hatfield
David Hatfield
Joseph Hatfield
Male 1790-
Phoebe Peppard
Female -1832
Florence M. Hatfield
Female 1892-1896
Wilbert Marion Hatfield
Male 1893-1951
Ethel M. Atkinson
Female -1965
James G. Hatfield
Male 1895-1983
Edna James Schrader
Female 1892-1985
Georgiana Hatfield
Female 1897-1978
Ethel J. Hatfield
Female 1899-1978
Clarence Raymond Little
Male 1895-1989
New chart
Sverre Fjeld
Grace M. Hatfield
Female 1901-1988
Ernest C. Schrader
Male 1898-1956
Ann M. Hatfield
Female 1905-1969
S. L. Emery
Jessie Viola Hatfield
Female 1909-1997
Fred Wilhelm Peterson
Male 1905-2005
Janet Estella Hatfield
Female 1913-1999
William John Becker
Male 1910-1956
Donald Henry Becker
Male 1919-2007
Charles Marion Hatfield
Male 1860-1944
Anna Marie Tupper
Female 1871-1928
Gilmer David Hutton
Male 1893-1974
Myrtle Walker Emery
Female 1893-1981
New chart
Frank Joseph Hutton
Male 1895-1978
Ruth Elizabeth Little
Female 1899-1983
New chart
Mary Ellen Hutton
Female 1897-1986
Clifford Henry Schrader
Male 1894-1983
New chart
Anna Amy Hutton
Female 1899-1991
Margaret Marshall Hutton
Female 1901-1970
Lawrence G. Schrader
Male 1902-1956
New chart
Anna Mary Hatfield
Female 1864-1901
Amos Adam Hutton
Male 1864-1947
Charles Gaylord Hatfield
Male 1892-1960
Edith Florence Fremouw
Female 1891-1960
Joseph F. Hatfield
Male 1894-1954
Louise F. Thielbar
Female 1895-
New chart
John W. Hatfield
Male 1896-
Marion E. Hatfield
Male 1901-1964
Frances Hazel Lamberty
Female 1904-2001
New chart
John Felton Hatfield
Male 1865-1938
Mattie Bateman
Female 1872-1941
Sarah R Hatfield
Female 1868-
Leon Batemen
Male 1892-1947
Margaret P. Hatfield
Female 1871-1950
Edward Saunders Batemen
Male 1866-1930
Joseph Gilmore Hatfield
Male 1836-1908
Mary H. Donaldson
Female 1836-1922
Robison Hatfield
Male 1838-
Mary Ann Marshall