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Matches 1601 to 1650 of 1768

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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1601 S092801 2000 Obituary, Wisconsin, Adelard Eugene Purfeerst.
1602 S033176 2000 Obituary, Wisconsin, Benedict Meyer.
1603 S096642 2000 Obituary, Wisconsin, Gerald Bernard Purfeerst.
1604 S170626 2001 Obituary, Missouir, Bernice (Roenn) Palmer-Berg-Kohl
1605 S170735 2001 Obituary, Missouri, Ruby Virginia (Brooks) North.
1606 S220966 2001 Obituary, New Jersey, Erich Fritz Purfuerst.
1607 S092740 2001 Obituary, Wisconsin, Lawrence Charles Purfeerst.
1608 S208143 2002 Obituary, California, Ethel Leota (Newby) Murphy.
1609 S229632 2002 Obituary, Idaho, John Russell Shelton.
1610 S207921 2002 Obituary, Minnesota, Mae (Kriesel) Purfeerst.
1611 S229656 2002 Obituary, Montana, Walter J. Keller.
1612 S207846 2002 Obituary, Wisconsin, Virginia (Taplin) Purfeerst.
1613 S229608 2003 Obituary, Idaho, Mary Fae (Keller) Shelton.
1614 S229725 2003 Obituary, South Dakota, Melvin Emil Keller.
1615 S227489 2003 Obituary, Washington, Minnie Keller.
1616 S207815 2004 Obituary, Minnesota, Lynn David Purfeerst.
1617 S228336 2005 Obituary, Texas, Norman Ufer
1618 S209896 2005 Obituary, Wisconsin, Margaret (Purfeerst) Schommer.
1619 S085495 Alton, Iowa Baptismal Record
1620 S085501 Baptism records, Catholic Parish of Fischbach, Mission of Mersch, Luxembourg
1621 S096686 Baptism records, Catholic Parish of Mersch, Luxembourg
1622 S131899 Baptism Records, Sacred Heart Church, Dalton City, Illinois
1623 S102331 Bellevue, Iowa. St. Joseph Catholic Church baptismal record of Josephine Remackel.
1624 S092845 Bellevue, Iowa. St. Joseph Catholic Church baptismal record of NIcholas Arens.
1625 S087218 Bellevue, Iowa. St. Joseph Catholic Church baptismal record.
1626 S087223 Bernadette (Wagner) Godden obituary in the Algona Upper Des Moines [Iowa] newspaper.
1627 S131903 Birth Certificate for William Francis Craycroft
1628 S201635 Birth Date and Location per Cemetery Record.
1629 S201613 Birth Date and Location per Census Record.
1630 S204614 Birth Date and Location per Church Record.
1631 S202265 Birth Date and Location per Death Record.
1632 S205889 Birth Date and Location per Family Bible Entry
1633 S201557 Birth Date and Location per Family Descendant.
1634 S039222 Birth Date and Location per Father's Naturalization Record.
1635 S039219 Birth Date and Location per Funeral Record
1636 S206020 Birth Date and Location per Local Civil Record.
1637 S201376 Birth Date and Location per Local Court House Record.
1638 S201200 Birth Date and Location per Marriage Record.
1639 S200871 Birth Date and Location per Marriage Record.
1640 S201567 Birth Date and Location per Mother's Naturalization Record.
1641 S204814 Birth Date and Location per Naturalization Record..
1642 S201676 Birth Date and Location per Obituary.
1643 S203280 Birth Date and Location per Parish Record
1644 S205825 Birth Date and Location per Published City History
1645 S205316 Birth Date and Location per State Death Record.
1646 S201388 Birth Date per Social Security Death Index
1647 S087229 Birth records, Commune of Fischbach, Luxembourg
1648 S073077 Birth records, Commune of Kehlen, Luxembourg
1649 S109198 Birth records, Commune of Kehlen, Luxembourg and Jean (John) Arens- Elisabeth Ehleringer Fischbach, Kehlen, Luxembourg 1844 civil marriage record No.
1650 S204397 Body Disposition per Obituary.

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