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This website represents genealogical research on the paternal ancestral surname of PURFÜRST and its Anglicized variations of PURFURST, PURFUERST and PURFEERST.

The data base also reflects considerable research on maternal ancestral surnames of Keller, Weiss, Johnson and Bostwick plus the spousal maiden name of Tanguay.

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This website is no longer accepting inquiries due to the passing of the website Author on August 27, 2010.

Website visitors who have questions as to how a particular name came to be present on the website will have to assume that there is a connection in one of the geographical areas mentioned below.

As a memorial to the research efforts and ancestral lineage, access to the website will continue indefinitely.

The Author has completed a two volume, 1700 page history of the worldwide families outlined below. To order "Purfürst Families of The World with Anglicized Variations Purfürst, Purfuerst, Purfeerst, including Major Allied Families", contact: Higginson Book Company, 148 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970, www.higginsonbooks.com, 978-745-7170.

For the benefit of interested researchers, the author's manuscript and research documents are being donated to Rice County Historical Society, 1814 NW Second Avenue, Faribault, MN 55021, 507-332-2121.

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There are over 100,000 names in this data base and they all connect to one common family tree.

On the Author's paternal side of the family, the eldest Purfürst ancestor is Johann Christoph Purfürst who was born about 1565. During a three week research trip to Germany, record of he and his wife Elisabeth Gruber were found in an archive in the city of Plauen which is located in the current state of Thuringia. The city is also just north of the border of country now known as the Czech Republic. It is the author's belief that the family had its origin in that geographical area when it was known as Bohemia. For more details see The History of the Purfürst's in the History and Documents section of this website, the link to which will be found on the sidebar.

This couple constitutes the earliest found existence of the surname. The thousands of individuals in this data base, who subsequently have been identified with a connection to the Purfürst surname or a variation, have been proven to be their descendants. Subsequent research of the surname and variations encompassed every known descendant and every known worldwide geographical location. The surname immigration pattern encompassed such diverse places as the American states of New York, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas and Hawaii, to name a few, as well as to other countries of the world such as England, Canada, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Sweden.

The Author's Great-Grandfather Karl Friedrich Ernst Purfürst, a.k.a., Charles Purfeerst, immigrated in 1852 and settled in Rice County, Minnesota. One of his brothers settled in adjacent Steele County, Minnesota while two other brothers lived in Fountain County, Indiana. The remaining brother, and their two sisters, lived in Essex County, New Jersey who there were eventually joined by the family parents, the Author's Great-Great-Grandparents.

Selecting the Histories and Documents link from the sidebar will take you to each German city where the ancestral name was found as well as to each foreign country and each homestead in America where a descendant established initial residence.

On the Author's maternal side of the family, grandmother's paternal ancestors, Johnson, left Holland and arrived at the Dutch East India settlement on the shores of Long Island, New York on December 16, 1650. Those ancestors were killed in an Indian raid on December 19, 1650 resulting in grandmother thus descending from a surviving orphaned son. Grandmother's maternal ancestors, Bostock, left England and arrived in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut in 1639. Listed in William The Conqueror's infamous Domesday Book, the name is of Saxon origin and can be traced back to King Edward whose reign during 1042-1066 was the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England. American family migration eventually took descendants to the state of New York and later to Minnesota where paternal grandparents Jennie June Johnson and Harmon Francis Purfeerst met and married. For more details on grandmother's ancestors see the corresponding Johnson or Bostwick family history found in the History and Documents section of this website.

Many of grandmother's ancient and medieval ancestors were granted Knighthood. One married the Countess of Lincoln whose ancestry is traced to Henry I, King of England (1068-1135) who married Matilda Edith, Princess of Scotland. By virtue of ancestral connection to occupants of the English throne and the custom of royal intermarriages between nations, the family connects to many of the European Monarchs. Because their subsequent descendants immigrated to America during its colonial period, there is also a family connection with numerous American Presidents. The documentation regarding this royalty and presidential connection, along with a tongue-in-cheek Biblical connection, will be found by selecting the Reports link

The paternal grandparents left Minnesota in 1910 and settled in Morton County, North Dakota where, through marriage of their descendants, connection was made to the maternal grandparents William Weiss and Caroline Keller, two families also of German ancestry. The Histories and Documents section contains histories on these families as well.

As indicated in the preceding, the surnames of interest have major connection to the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri. Coupled with migration patterns which took family members to adjoining states, a vast portion of the data base thus centers around mid-western United States. As western portions on the country opened for settlement, migration ultimately moved through the northern tier of states and throughout the west coast.

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