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June 8, 2020 Newsletter

Hello Chamber Friends, Members and Faribault Supporters

I’m going to get this out of the way…. Missing our beloved Minnesota Twins while getting the news about the Rice County and Minnesota State Fair’s cancellations as well as Heritage Days has made for a tough week.

A boutique restaurant and a high end cakery/coffee shop shuttered for good in our Historic Downtown hasn’t helped either. Working with friends and members who own businesses find a way to stretch limited cash until the doors can open up to a capacity that allows the business model to work (with no certainty of when that will be) is excruciating. I’ve never been one to “tally” negatives so with the

next punctuation mark- I’m moving ahead!

With adversity comes opportunity for creative solutions which otherwise may have remained dormant. New strategies to show off your goods, modifying events, eating spaces, live entertainment, ceremonies, workspaces, service delivery and more have been flooding the media and inspiring innovation in nearly every facet of society. Our town is currently working to fast-track outdoor seating options for restaurants and bars that do not currently have it. Looking at other communities and understanding that we can make a difference in these challenging times by being innovative and flexible is making a difference.

I’ve seen example after example of how you – our business community comes together creating opportunities from adversity. Your resolve in keeping business alive and prosperous through cooperation and innovation is impressive and inspiring! We are proud to continue to make connections and provide resources to enhance our efforts. I encourage you all consider how you can help and do not be shy about sharing your credentials! By being a part of the Faribault Chamber, YOU are part of a local, state-wide and national network.

Remember - working together to makes us all better and stronger.

One example of that cooperation is our sanitizer project. Led by 10,000 Drops with material donations from ACE Hardware, Met-Con Companies and Grand Stay is making it possible for us to provide this token of our shared commitment to do our best in re-opening Faribault. Our staff has also collected and curated a listing of resources, which is located on our website. Please accept these items with gratitude from your Chamber and our generous partners to assist with re-opening your business.

We’re going to get through this. A little bruised, clothes a bit tattered and maybe a chipped tooth but together we WILL find our way. Remember that our community prospers from our leadership, expertise and perseverance so keep up the good work even though the going is tough. As always, please fee free to reach out to myself, or our staff if we can help assist you further, (information below!)

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve our businesses and our community.

#WesAreFaribault #FaribaultStrong

Nort Johnson

President/ CEO

Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

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